Women's International Club Jakarta
WIC 70th Anniversary Postponed

WIC 70th Anniversary Postponed

Inter WIC / PR     Mar / 16 / 2020

Dear Ladies, 

With regards to the WIC Anniversary Party to be held at the Raffles Hotel on Monday, 16 

March 2020 

In light of the global prevalence of the Covid-19 and the challenges and risks associated with 

its spread, as concerned citizens of Jakarta, the WIC Committee and members feel that it is 

our duty to follow social distancing and postpone our event. 

This would be in the interest of all members and guests, and for the well being of the larger 

Jakarta community. We really appreciate your understanding of this matter in these difficult 

times. The event will be held at a later date once the immediate danger of the spread subsides. 

We thank you for your attention and look forward to inviting you in the future.