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Webinars on "Self- Healing"

Webinars on "Self- Healing"

Inter WIC / PR     Sep / 16 / 2020

GREAT NEWS ! WIC's fundraising committee is linking up together with Bimasena for a series of bilingual Webinars on "Self- Healing" via Zoom Cloud Meetings. This will be a good way to learn how to cope with what is happening around us, especially at these daunting and taxing times. 

This is our journey together...

➡️ Price: *175K per person, including donation to support WIC's charity programs

➡️ RSVP must be made through WIC Jkt.

➡️ All WIC members and friends can join in. 

➡️RSVP: (for more details)



Payment of your registration to the Bimasena Webinar  can be made through bank transfer to: BCA - 342 394 5555 Account name: Women’s International ClubKindly send us the bank slip of your payment via whatsapp ,  so that we can send you the to link to the Webinar.  

Whatsapp numbers: WIC/Widya +62811842749 or +628161428028

Note: Registration will be closed on Sept 17, 2020 at 13:00 pm.