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Thank you from Executive Committee 2018-2020

Thank you from Executive Committee 2018-2020

Inter WIC / PR     Sep / 07 / 2020

Message from 

Mrs Elmyra Bambang.


Executive Committee 2018-2020

Dear Ladies,

Our term as Executive Committee 2018-2020 has come to an end.

It's hard to believe how fast the time has gone by. I thank the Executive Committee ladies for their friendship, cooperation & hard work. It has been a fabulous and  fulfilling journey . Our great gratitude & love to our dear Patrons, Honorary Members, past President & Vice President, Life Members, Members of WIC. Thank you for your trust, guidance, encouragement & cooperation. Not to forget, thank you to our WIC staff. May WIC always be a place where you can meet & greet friends, eat, drink, sing and dance, having fun together, learn from each other and work together. Hard work to raise money for the needy,  the more proceeds we get the more needy we can help.

To the new Executive Committee 2020-2022, all the best. Selamat bekerja!

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