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About Us

Our Club

In the year 1950, four friends from different parts of the world got together in Jakarta. They formed a Club for the specific purpose of providing women of all nationalities with the opportunity to meet, foster friendship, share ideas, and enhance their respect as well as their understanding of different cultures . The four ladies concerned were Mrs. Suwarni Pringgodigdo (Indonesia), Mrs. Martha Galbraith (United States of America), Mrs. Chrystal Packingham ( United Kingdom) and Mrs. Tarabaig (India) . Thus, Women’s International Club was born on March 11, 1950.

To start with they only had 10 members. In the span of one year, membership had grown to sixty and as the years passed, more and more members joined in

Today, we are proud to say, we have almost 400 members in total. The Club’s motto is “FRIENDSHIP THROUGH UNDERSTANDING” and the logo is in the form of a lotus-shaped torch, the Lotus blossom being a symbol of friendship and the flame signifying the enlightenment of understanding between women of different cultures. A true testimony to Diversity.

We are a secular and strictly non-profit and non-political organization, open only to women. An international Executive Committee of 21 members is elected and they hold a two-year term of office. Officially, all communications are in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Membership is comprised of 60% Indonesians and 40% expatriates, which allows various opportunities for ladies from four corners of the globe to meet and mingle.

Aims of the Club: - To foster friendship and mutual understanding between women of different nationalities - To contribute to the cultural development of women in general - To promote the cause of education - To enrich social improvement

We also provide a selection of activities such as Scrabble, Mahjong, Bridge, Language classes (Japanese, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Arabic, English, German and Mandarin), Music, Sports, Art, and Dance including the occasional Cooking classes. This all depends of course on the number of interested members who are willing enough to join.

Apart from all this, Scholarships are awarded to deserving students who show academic excellence, but who lack the financial resources. Our Social Welfare Committee supports a number of local institutions like orphanages, seniors’ homes and mental health facilities, by providing assistance in the form of provisions, trainers and physio-therapists for special needs children.

So, “Let the Journey Begin…”