Social Welfare

In order to fulfill its aims of contributing to social improvement, WIC has organized a social welfare program.

WIC’s Social Welfare Committee aims to promote education and enhance the quality of life of the needy children and elderly in and around Jakarta

The primary source of funding comes from proceeds of the Annual Charity Bazaar which also supports the Scholarship Committee and Bazaar Proceeds Committee, for one off donations. In addition, WIC receives donations from members in cash and kind

Support for selected institutions is never given in the form of direct cash to ensure that funds are being used appropriately.

The Social Welfare Committee is also responsible for collecting and sorting donations of new and used goods in good condition from members and non members, to be sold through its White Elephant stall at WIC Annual Charity Bazaar.

Institutions currently supported by WIC

Home care program for Seniors

  • Sr. Home Care : ANYELIR. – Dida Sarodjo – 0817-179221
  • POSBINDU Lansia ”Dahlia Senja” (Ibu Ratna Marsudi)
  • Panti Sos Bina Laras II –  Rehab Centre

Support for under privileged children and orphanages

  • Yay. “BAKTI KASIH” –  (April 15 – March 2020)
  • Yayasan Parapattan
  • Yay. EL SAFAN
  •  Yayasan Karya Mandiri
  • P. Asuhan “WISMA PIUS”
  • Yay. Al Mutaqin
  • Panti Asuhan PNIEL
  • Yayasan Bamadita
  • Theraphists (YPLBNusantara)
  • Yay. Desa Putera