Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program
WIC Jakarta aims to promote education and enhance the quality of life of the needy children and elderly in and around Jakarta.

In order to fulfill its aims, WIC has initiated a Scholarship Program. WIC Scholarship Program is awarded to deserving and bright students from low income families who are actively enrolled in a public school / state university of higher learning (state academy / state university), preferably in Jakarta and its immediate surroundings. Priority shall be given to female students in fields of direct benefit to the community.

A WIC Scholarship shall be granted in the last two (2) years of study for the duration of one (1) year, ending at the end of the academic year and it may be renewed for a second year. Students must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of minimum 3.15.

Every year we have 50 students who are selected from hundreds of applicants. They are coming from the University of Indonesia (UI), State Islamic University of Syarif Hidayatullah (UIN), The state University of Jakarta (UNJ), The Bogor State Institute of Agriculture (IPB) and the Collage of Public Health or Vocational Collage.

The Scholarship Program organizes social events for the students twice a year such as social gatherings, seminars, and outings. WIC also offers classes every week for the needs of the students such as English class.

WIC Scholarship fund is allocated from proceeds of the WIC Annual Charity Bazaar and accumulated donations.

Applications submitted should include :

  1. Copies of diplomas of SMP and SMU.
  2. Curriculum Vitae.
  3. Recent color photograph size 3×4 (2 pieces).
  4. A description of family background and circumstances.
  5. A health certificate.
  6. A recommendation letter from the relevant university or academy, indicating their GPA.
  7. A letter from the Lurah (Sub District Head) confirming the economic conditions of parents.

A WIC Scholarship shall be terminated, if :

  1. The student progress is unsatisfactory.
  2. The student is expelled from the academy/university for misconduct.
  3. The student is received scholarship from other institution.

The student has given incorrect information when applying for his/her WIC Scholarship. Students are expected to finish their program of education in the scheduled time frame