Circle Activities

Circle Activities are activities from members to members and is based on volunteering.

From Monday to Friday there are various activities running. Most are held in the Women International Club House.

Mandarin 09.30 – 10.30


Conversation Games Room

Leader: Mrs. Susie Budiono


572-5172, 526-5456

Bridge :09:00-12:00 Leader: Mrs. Ruby Hamami 769-5678
  Games Room Coach: Mr. Karamoy  
Embroidery & Handicraft 10:00-12:00 Leader: Mrs. Helena Rahardjo 829-4190
    Co-Leader: Mrs. Lucia Natahusada 720-8247
Bahasa Indonesia 11:00:00 AM  Leader: Mrs. Eveline Adhiyasa
     858-3714, 0812-1048-941
Advance 11:30-12:30  Mrs. Kooshendrati Hutapea
  1st and 3rd Monday  819-0907; 0816-910606
 Beginner  11:30-12:30 Mrs. Kooshendrati Hutapea
   2nd and 4th Monday 819-0907; 0816-910606
Other Locations:    
Home & Garden Tour every last Monday Mrs. Nike Gondokusumo
    Co-Leader: Mrs. Meity Robot
Japanese Language 09.30 – 10.30 Leader Mrs. Yasuko Morita
Beginners Circle Room 0816-1849-278
English 10.30 – 12.00 Leader Mrs. Yasuko Morita
Beginners Circle Room 0816-1849-278
International 10:30-12:00 Leader: Mrs. Vimla Kishinchand
Cooking Class Kitchen (0815-181-6442)  
  1st Wednesday  
French Culture & Tourism 10:30:00 AM Leader: Mrs. Katia Blanchard
  Every first  & last Thursday 0811-9648-555
Singing 10:00-11:30 Leader: Mrs. Lien Armin 725-8121
  Main Hall Fee: Rp. 30.000.- per month
Other locations:    
Epicurean Delights Every 2 months Leader: Aparna Narang 390-9459
(Lunch Out) 3rd Friday 0816-934829
    Co-Leader: Mrs. Cecy Subroto 0811-893-424

Nearly every month at the Clubhouse we have a Guest Speaker with various topics such as Batik Iwan Tirta¸ Eco Xeramics, Painting. Sometimes we do a small workshop of how

to make paper corsages, glass painting, make dolls, making roses from ribbons or from fabrics. It is fun !!

Every year we have a Talent Morning where the members show their talents; a really interesting and fun event! We exhibit handicrafts created by members such as crochets, knits, embroideries, and mola.
For more information and details please contact us at the Club.